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PersonalInjury.com is the definitive source to find personal injury news stories and to find experienced injury attorneys. The site is designed to educate potential clients about their rights when they have been injured by the wrongdoing of others.

For attorneys, PersonalInjury.com is the only directory that focuses exclusively on personal injury attorneys. Other directories list lawyers in dozens of areas, but we are a sole-purpose website. We are designed and edited by attorneys, for attorneys, to give potential clients the information they are looking for -- and to put them in touch with you.

The website is a consumer-friendly marketplace that offers multiple ways for regular people to connect with injury lawyers. We are dedicated to helping consumers connect with the right personal injury lawyer for them, to learn about personal injury law, and to read news about current injury cases, settlements and verdicts.

  • Injury Law News is updated regularly with the latest developments in jury verdicts, settlements and trends in the law.
  • Our Injury Law Blog provides perspective and insight on injury claims, defective drugs and new research. 

Dan Goldstein
Dan Goldstein, 
Page 1 Solutions 

​For attorneys, PersonalInjury.com has been optimized to connect attorneys with consumers by marketing and web expert Dan Goldstein, President of Page 1 Solutions in Denver. Dan designed the site to provide the information that consumers are looking for -- including client reviews, maps and interaction with attorneys. The site has reference articles on hundreds of personal injury topics to demystify the complex issues surrounding personal injury litigation.

Attorneys can publicize their practices in 50 states and 210 markets by choosing an enhanced profile, a sponsored listing, a law firm profile or a display advertisement. There is no charge for a basic listing, which includes basic information such as a photo and address, plus a client rating which is sought out by today's consumers.

The site forcefully advocates the viewpoint of the individual. Our authors take the perspective of the injured plaintiff, the survivor of bad surgery and the consumer who was damaged by defective drugs. PersonalInjury.com is the quintessential online destination for consumers and attorneys to advance their cases.