Verdicts and Settlements

$1,300,000 Settlement

Client suffered a brain injury after the vehicle she was a passanger in was hit by a semi truck. The client was a 35 year old school bus driver prior to the accident. She was unable to work after the accident and suffered memory loss and cronic... Read More

Client was a 35 year old women that was rear ended by a large utility van. The operator took his eyes Olof the road while looking at roadside construction. Women suffered a closed head injury with chronic shoulder and back pain and headaches.... Read More

$425,000 Settlement

Settlement for elderly couple injured when semi driver blocked road while attempting to back a semi into his driveway. The trailer extended completely over both lanes of the road on a dark winter night. The victims were unable to see trailer... Read More

An 18 year old young man operating a motorcycle on a rural road was killed when a farmer turned in front of him while operating a tractor. The farmer was pulling a manure spreader and had seen the motorcycle coming towards him prior to the... Read More

$550,000 Settlement

Settlement for 2 young men in their early 30’s who sustained serious injuries while on their way to work after a commercial vehicle ran a stop sign. Their vehicle was south bound on country road when commercial vehicle failed to stop at a stop... Read More

$175,000 Settlement

Client, a 44 year old man, who sustained multiple serious injuries requiring emergency surgery after a Semi -Tractor failed to stop for a red light. The client was a seat belted passenger in a utility Van being operated his friend. The friend... Read More

Client is a 15 year old girl that sustained multiple serious injuries after she was struck by a commercial vehicle while walking to school on a country road. She suffered multiple injuries including a right subdural hemotoma, closed head injury,... Read More

$90,000 Settlement

Plaintiff was injured when a car failed to yield the right of way at a pedestrian crosswalk. The victim impact caused the victim to flip over the hood of the vehicle and land on her right side. She suffered a concussion and back and neck strain... Read More

Plaintiff sustained serious injuries when a semi tanker truck ran a red light striking the plaintiffs driver's side door. The plaintiff's injuries included 9 broken ribs, a collapsed lung and shoulder injuries requiring surgery.

$100,000 Settlement

Client was hit head on by a motor vehicle traveling the wrong way on a major highway. Client sustained a fractured femur requiring surgery and internal fixations. He also sustained a closed head injury. The wrong way driver was unlicensed to... Read More