Ohio Personal Injury Law Overview


Personal injury law is an all-encompassing area of law that includes cases that result in injury or death due to someone else's negligence. Some of the most common Ohio personal injury cases are workplace accidents, medical malpractice, vehicle accidents and defective products.

Statute of limitations

All fifty states have time limits, called statute of limitations, for filing personal injury claims. Ohio has a two-year statute of limitations for filing most personal injury cases. There are exceptions to this rule, however, and you will need to speak to an experienced Ohio personal injury attorney to find out about what the limit is for your particular case.


The money that may be awarded to you is referred to as "damages." Compensatory damages are compensation for your losses. Compensatory damages include economic damages which compensate you for expenses and financial loss, and non-economic damages to compensate for losses such as pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Ohio places caps on non-economic damages. In most cases, non-economic damages are limited to $250,000 or three times the economic damages, whichever is greater. In medical malpractice cases, the limit is raised to $350,000. If your injuries were catastrophic, such as brain or spinal cord injury, the limits may not apply to you.

Punitive damages are awarded to the plaintiff and intended to "punish" the defendant.


Ohio law follows the doctrine of "modified comparative negligence," which means if you are less than 50% to blame for your own injuries, you can collect compensation from other responsible parties.


Ohio follows the doctrine of "several liability," which means that if there are multiple responsible parties for your injury, each individual party is responsible for paying their share of the damages. If one party cannot pay his share, the other parties do not have to pay that person's share.

If you live in Ohio and feel you may have a personal injury claim on your hands, please contact an experienced Ohio personal injury attorney in your area today.