Failure to Diagnose Cancer Lawyers


A cancer patient's chances of survival are directly linked to the stage the cancer was in when it was discovered. In the U.S., approximately twelve% of cancer patients are initially misdiagnosed, primarily from improper tissue or blood sampling or a misreading of laboratory results. Studies suggest that about 128,000 Americans suffer some degree of damage as a result of these misdiagnoses, ranging from having to undergo more tests to death. Colon and breast cancer are among the most misdiagnosed forms of cancer.

The following lists among the most common forms of cancer for which misdiagnosis has resulted in lawsuits:

Cervical - easily detectable by smear tests. Survival rates are high if detected in early stages. Failure to diagnose may lead to infertility or death

Breast - responds well to treatment but can go undetected for a long time. Failure to diagnose may result in loss of one or both breasts or death

Prostate - also has a good recovery rate if treated early. Fortunately, screening methods are improving

Esophageal - difficult for a competent doctor to misdiagnose because the symptoms, such as chronic cough, difficulty in swallowing and severe weight loss, are more apparent than in most other forms of cancer

Colon - failure to diagnose is usually attributable to the failure to properly respond to complaints of rectal bleeding

The longer the cancer remains undiagnosed, the more complicated and painful treatment becomes. If the cancer is found in its early stages, radiation treatment, chemotherapy, and disfiguring surgery may be avoided. If you or your loved one has suffered due to a doctor's failure to diagnose cancer, you may be entitled to claim damages for medical treatment and hospital costs, lost wages, cost of home or hospice care, pain and suffering, and funeral expenses.

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