Emergency Room Error Attorneys


Emergency room patients often have serious injuries or ailments, making them vulnerable to even minor oversights or mistakes incurred by the medical staff. The fast-paced environment of an emergency room also makes it likelier that mistakes will happen. The combination of these two factors can be a recipe for disaster and often has fatal consequences. Unfortunately, emergency room errors are a common and often preventable occurrence rarely talked about or reported in the media.

A primary cause of emergency room errors is the failure to run proper tests, resulting in a failure to diagnose or misdiagnose an injury or condition. Timely treatment is often critical to the successful outcome for the patient in an emergency room. For this reason, the lack of proper testing can result in highly unfortunate consequences.

Improper triaging is another common source of emergency room error. Many emergency rooms are not only fast-paced, but also overcrowded. If an admitting patient is not given the proper priority, his or her condition could deteriorate while he or she is waiting to be treated. On some occasions, testing may be done in a timely manner, but the results are either not reviewed or acted upon by the doctor until its too late.

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If you have concerns over whether you or a loved one received proper care in an emergency room, it may be in your interest to consult with a qualified emergency room error malpractice lawyer.

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