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Almost everything we purchase, excluding houses, vehicles, and heavy-duty equipment is a consumer product. If a consumer product is used properly, we don’t expect it to inflict unintended physical harm. Manufacturers are obligated to ensure that products they sell to the public are safe. If a defective consumer product causes injury to people, the manufacturer and all those directly responsible for introducing the product to the public may be liable for the resulting damages.

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Recently, lawsuits have been brought against manufacturers of lawn mowers, tires, car seats, space heaters, water heaters, pressure cookers, and table saws, among others. But much attention has been placed on children’s toys. This may be because in the United States, over 200,000 children are hurt each year while playing with toys. In 2004, 16 children were reported to have died in toy-related incidents. And although some of these incidents were accidental, there were 109 toy recalls that same year, and several were banned outright. Unfortunately, however, many hazardous toys remain on the shelf.

One of the leading causes of death among children is choking, mostly on balloons, small balls, and tiny toy parts. Another cause, entanglement, can be a risk to smaller children. Some toys may not only be hazardous because they are intrinsically dangerous, but also because they lack adequate warning labels. And yet despite well-publicized consumer guidelines regarding choking perils and the lack of warning labels, injuries to children in toy-related instances continue to occur at an alarming rate.

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If you or your child has suffered an injury from a dangerous toy or other defective consumer product, you may be entitled to damages a knowledgeable defective consumer product lawyer can help you recover.

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