Causes of Motorcycle Accidents


How many people in the United States are killed or injured as a result of motorcycle accidents?

Nearly 2,000 people are killed and approximately 50,000 are injured in the United States each year as a result of motorcycle accidents.

What is the main cause of death in motorcycle accidents?

Although not all head injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents are fatal, they occur frequently in accidents involving motorcycles and are the primary cause of death.  Consequently, motorcycle accidents often result in wrongful death claims.

If I only ride my motorcycle occasionally on weekends, do I still need to wear a helmet?

Motorcycle helmet laws vary from state to state. Become familiar with the requirements in your state and those of other states you will be traveling in.

Who can be held liable for injuries or death to motorcyclists and their passengers?

In most states, anyone who was at fault in contributing to the motorcycle accident may be held at least partially responsible. Usually, the driver of a car or truck is held at least partially liable. If the motorcycle operator is at fault, he or she may be held liable for injuries caused to his or her passenger.

Can I file a motorcycle accident lawsuit against a driver who hit me even if I do not carry insurance coverage?

The lack of motorcycle insurance does not prevent you from filing a claim against a driver who was at fault for causing you injury.

If I have an uninsured motorist policy, can I file a claim if the car that cut me off and caused my motorcycle to veer off the road has not been identified?


Who is at fault if a car turns left in front of me and causes an accident?

In most cases, the left turning vehicle will be held accountable since left turning vehicles are required to yield to oncoming traffic. You may be held at least partially responsible, however, if you are found to have been speeding or driving recklessly.

What is “lane splitting” or “lane sharing”?

Please read “Helmet and Lane Splitting Laws”.

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