Bus Accidents


There are less than 300 fatal bus accidents in an average year according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Of those, nearly 30% involve transit buses while approximately 130 deaths are attributable to school bus accidents.

An experienced bus accident lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve if you’ve been involved in a bus accident.

Although bus accidents are relatively infrequent, they can significantly affect the lives of those involved in an accident. Bus accident rates will also rise as more individuals choose to use public transportation in order to avoid ever increasing traffic congestion.

Factors that can contribute to a bus accident include driver negligence, dangerous roadways, improper maintenance and weather conditions. Bus accidents can result in serious injuries to the passengers, the bus driver, pedestrians or drivers of other vehicles involved in an accident. In fact, nearly seventy% of those involved in a bus accident were occupants of the other vehicles involved. In an effort to prevent non-bus occupants from being injured in a school bus accident, safety precautions for drivers in the vicinity of school buses have been instituted at the state level.

Proponents of installing safety belts in large school buses argue that the school bus design has not changed since 1977 and that requiring the use of safety belts in these buses may foster habits that encourage the use of safety belts in other vehicles. Buses under 10,000 pounds of gross weight are already required to have seat belts for all passengers.

Despite efforts to further improve the safety record of buses, you or a loved one may have suffered bus accident injuries. You may be entitled to receive compensation from the bus company, its suppliers or other entities involved. To ensure aggressive representation in the recovery of such compensation, it is advisable to seek an experienced bus accident lawyer.

Questions About Bus Accidents

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