Theme Park Accident Lawyers


Theme park owners are in competition with each other to increase their venue’s popularity and revenue. They commonly promote their rides to be the highest, fastest and scariest. Unfortunately, injuries resulting from theme park accidents are increasing sharply. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission , emergency room visits from theme park rides increased 87% in five years. There are about 9,000 carnival and theme park accident injuries each year. Of those who suffered injuries at these venues, an average of 4.5 died each year.

When you are injured in an amusement park, you need an experienced theme park accident lawyer to represent you.

Amusement ride design defects, mechanical failure, operator and consumer behavior all contribute to theme park accident injuries. Common theme park accident injuries include whiplash, broken noses, broken ribs and limbs, paralysis, brain hemorrhages and even death.

Determining liability for theme park accidents and injuries involves three areas of the law - product liability law, negligence or tort law, and premises liability law. Victims of theme park accidents have received substantial compensation for their injuries. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury at a theme park, be sure that your legal representative understands all areas of the law involved in theme park accident liability cases, and that your representative will aggressively pursue the maximum compensation you may be entitled to.

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