Surgical Error Malpractice

Many common instances of surgical error are avoidable. Some of these errors are of little consequence or can be corrected before they cause more serious harm. Others, however, can cause severe and permanent damage, or even death.

Performing the wrong surgical procedure, leaving instruments in a patient’s body, and operating on the wrong body part are instances of surgical error that occur much too frequently and may be attributed to miscommunication between surgeries and medical staff.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury you suspect was caused by surgical error, a lawyer who specializes in surgical errors can help you determine if you have a strong claim. A surgical error malpractice suit has a greater chance of succeeding if it can be shown that the doctor failed to administer the necessary surgical or medical procedures, is not suitably experienced in the type of procedure performed, or performed in a way not consistent with medical community standards. Be aware, however, that there may be restrictions with regard to how long a suit can be brought after the incident occurred.

Competent legal representation can ensure that your rights are protected. But a medical malpractice case is also about holding the surgeon accountable and raising the level of care to prevent similar errors from occurring again.

An effective surgical error malpractice lawyer must possess in-depth knowledge in both medical and legal matters. Please use our directory today to find an experienced surgical error malpractice lawyer near you.