Our Authors

The authors of PersonalInjury.com include:

Sandra Dalton

Sandra Dalton is a writer and photographer. With a background as a paralegal, focusing on criminal defense and civil rights, she launched her freelance writing career with a weekly column on Freedom for Suite 101 and pro bono projects for individuals and organizations supporting causes close to her heart. One of her first projects was for the Police Compliant Center, in 2000. Sandra’s writing quickly expanded to cover a wide range of topics including personal injury, animal welfare, criminal defense, disability discrimination, and much more.

Writing on the personal injury front gives her a platform from which to speak to the millions of people who have had their lives derailed and changed forever by the pharmaceutical companies, auto makers, and other large corporations that put profits above the safety and wellbeing of the consumers whose money they so willingly take and the workers they depend on to stay in business. It gives her the opportunity to warn accident victims about the deceptive and underhanded practices of the insurance companies that are supposed to be there for them when they get hurt.

Her goal is to provide useful information, hope, and the motivation to take action, to those who need it the most right now.

Nathan Williams

Joining the PersonalInjury.com team in mid-2015, Nathan’s legal web writing experience dates back to 2008. He has worked with law firms across the U.S. covering a variety of legal disciplines, including workers’ compensation, all forms of personal injury, medical malpractice, real estate law, estate planning and more. Not only was Nathan helping firms build their digital presence, more importantly, he was helping injured parties understand the legal system and find answers during a difficult time.

Besides copywriting for law firms and other legal-oriented websites, Nathan has an extensive web writing background in a variety of industries.

Above all, Nathan strives to help injured victims find the answers they’re looking for in a concise, engaging way.

Nathan lives in Florida with his wife, son and 2 dogs. Nathan enjoys a wide variety of outdoor activities ranging from vegetable gardening and hiking to fishing and country driving. 

David Carnes

David Carnes was admitted to the California Bar Association in 1996 after graduating with honors from the University of Kentucky College of Law. He attained conversational proficiency in Mandarin Chinese while studying in Taipei, Taiwan prior to law school. Since qualifying as an attorney he has worked for law firms in China, Japan and the United States. He has been writing for legal and other websites since 2009.

Greg Kaminsky

Greg Kaminsky is a writer and content manager at PersonalInjury.com. Writing for consumers trying to navigate through the complexities of the U.S. legal system, he aims to provide helpful, instructional content that answers the tough questions that personal injury victims face.