Workers Exposed to Coal Ash Face Long Road to Compensation


Workers responsible for cleaning up a catastrophic coal ash spill in Tennessee will have the opportunity to prove their illnesses were the result of their exposure to the coal ash after a federal jury found Jacobs Engineering did not exercise reasonable care for their health. 

However, the workers have a difficult task in making their case, and it could be years before any of the affected employees see compensation for the devastating illnesses they are currently experiencing.

An Environmental Disaster in Tennessee

The jury reached its verdict in November, closing the first chapter of a story that began almost 10 years ago.

The case against Jacobs Engineering stems from a 2008 disaster at the Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA) Kingston power plant. A levee containing a mountain of coal ash – which is essentially the leftover by-products created when coal is burned in a power plant – suddenly collapsed, flooding the region with the dangerous substance. Homes in the area were destroyed.

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