Women Face Humiliating Questioning When Filing Sex Discrimination Lawsuits


There is a depressing pattern that arises whenever a woman files a high-profile gender discrimination or sexual harassment lawsuit against a powerful individual or institution. After the initial coverage, all the same questions come up over and over again: why did she wait so long? Why did she put up with this behavior for so many years? If it was so bad, why didn’t she act immediately? And isn’t she just looking for a big payout?

What these questions ignore is the extent to which filing such a sexual harassment lawsuit can impact – and even ruin – a woman’s life. Big companies don’t just give in when one of these suits are filed – they fight, and they fight ferociously.

Now, a lawsuit involving a major Australian bank is shedding light on just how difficult and even humiliating it can be for victims to pursue legal action.

Read the full article at American Legal News.

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