Suit: Cops' excessive force led to death of man in Brighton Park - Chicago Sun-Times


The sister of a man who died in police custody last year has filed a federal lawsuit against the city and 14 members of the Chicago Police Department, alleging officers failed to intervene when others used excessive force that ultimately caused his death.

Heriberto Godinez, 24, died after police were called to a report of a burglary in the 3000 block of West Pershing on July 20, 2015. They found Godinez and suspected him of being involved, police said at the time. He was “sweating heavily with labored breathing,” police said. He was eventually pronounced dead at the scene.

Earlier this year, the city released dashcam video of Godinez’s arrest that shows him wiggling while handcuffed and sitting against a Chicago Police SUV. He attempts to move away from the car, and an officer puts a foot on his neck for about two seconds. Then several other police officers arrive to help put Godinez in custody.

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