The Most Dangerous Times to Drive


You do everything you can to avoid getting into a car wreck. You pay attention and watch out for careless drivers, keep your vehicle maintained, and of course you never text while you’re behind the wheel. But have you thought about timing as a safety factor? 

There are days of the week times of day and even times of the year that are known for being the most dangerous. You may not have much control over when you have to get out and about, but you may be able to make some small adjustments that will help you avoid the worst times.

August, Saturdays, The Commute Home

You might expect winter to be the deadliest time of year, but it turns out that August has the most motor vehicle accidents and fatalities. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), from 2012 – 2016, 15,914 people died in car accidents in August. Nationwide says its members reported over 60,000 accidents in August 2016.

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