Missouri may finally prohibit texting while driving


Texting and driving is perfectly legal in Missouri, as it remains one of three states without a full texting and driving ban. The other two states include Arizona and Montana.

Under current Missouri law, it prohibits drivers age 21 and younger to text while driving. If caught violating the law, it could result in a $200 fine and two points off your driver's license.

The nature of texting and driving is an incredibly dangerous habit for some, that can put the life of others at risk. Ayriana Taylor said her perspective on texting and driving changed after being in two accidents.

"I've been in two accidents myself where there was texting involved with the other driver and my life was in jeopardy," Taylor said. She said in one of the accidents, a semi ran into her, while she was at a stop sign. Taylor said she went into shock when she saw the semi rushing toward her car. The semi crushed her causing her to have to climb out of her car.

"I'm blessed to be alive," she said. Taylor said to this day she still is in shock that the driver couldn't see her. In the other accident, the driver didn't have insurance, so she was forced to pay her own medical bill and car cost out of pocket.

"It [texting] can wait," she said.

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