Dozens of Women Sue Salesforce For Allegedly Facilitating Sex Trafficking


More than 50 women have filed suit against Salesforce, an online customer management relationship provider, alleging that the company’s data tools helped facilitate sex trafficking on the now-defunct website Backpage.

The women, known only as Jane Does, are accusing the company of facilitating sex trafficking because Salesforce “designed and implemented a heavily customized enterprise database tailored for Backpage’s operations, both locally and internationally,” despite the company publicly touting its commitment to fighting sex trafficking on social media.

“The evidence in this case is astounding,” the lawyer for the plaintiffs, Annie McAdams, told Rolling Stone. “[Salesforce] knew who Backpage was, yet they continued to take Backpage’s money, and they helped Backpage become a $500 million company that openly prostituted people.”

The lawsuit also accuses Salesforce and its CEO Marc Benioff of publicly demonstrating a commitment to fighting sex trafficking, while simultaneously helping to build Backpage’s infrastructure. The basis for this argument appears to be a 2017 blog post by Salesforce program architect Phil Bennett, in which he describes a 2015 trip to India on an anti-trafficking expedition with

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