Colorado Catholic Priest Implicated in Sexual Abuse Report reports that Stephen Edward Jeselnick, a former Pennsylvania Catholic Priest, was accused of child sexual abuse by a grand jury in August. The jury’s findings were the result of a two-year investigation which uncovered not only the abuse committed by Jeselnick, but also the abuse of over a thousand other children across six Catholic Dioceses.

Delayed Abuse Allegations

Court statements made by victims indict Jeselnick in a series of sexual abuse incidents committed in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. The first reported cases of sexual abuse were committed in Meadeville, Pennsylvania against three brothers. Jeselnick allegedly abused them in their home as well as at the church they attended. The three brothers did not come forward until last year, and until their statement the Archdioceses of Denver and Colorado Springs had not received any notice of Jeselnick’s sexual misconduct.

A few years after these abuses were committed, Jeselnick served for the Archdiocese of Denver from December 1982 to June 1983 while on a trial assignment. While serving, he spent time at both St. Mary’s Church in Littleton, and the Shrine of St. Anne Church. The Archdiocese received no reports of abuse during this time. In 2014 Jeselnick requested a letter of sustainability for ministry from Lawrence Persico, the Bishop of Erie, Pennsylvania, but was denied.

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