Injury Law News

  • New Mexico cap on medical malpractice claims unconstitutional
    A state court has struck down a New Mexico law that limits the amount of money a plaintiff can receive in a civil medical malpractice lawsuit to $600,000 in damages. Judge Victor Lopez of the 2nd Judicial District Court in Albuquerque ruled that the Legislature exceeded its constitutional authority
  • Trial Begins in David Copperfield Slip and Fall Case
    The tricks behind a disappearing act that magician David Copperfield performed for years in Las Vegas were revealed in court Friday, the first day of trial in a civil case brought by a British tourist who claims he slipped, fell and was injured after he was randomly selected from the audience to
  • Officials: Exploded Southwest Jet Engine Had Metal Weakness Signs
    Southwest Airlines Co. is stepping up inspections on its jet fleet after investigators said they discovered evidence of metal fatigue on an engine that exploded Tuesday, sending shrapnel into the plane and killing a passenger seated near a window. The woman was partly sucked out of the plane
  • Colorado Work Zone Fatalities Skyrocket in 2017
    A recent report says work zone fatalities in Colorado have skyrocketed. The Gazette reports a study by the Colorado Department of Transportation says the 2017 death toll in work zones was 15, compared with seven in 2016 and 2015 and eight in 2014. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation
The rise in pedestrian deaths has prompted concern, and in some cases action, from policymakers and traffic safety advocates across the country in recent years. Despite that, fatality rates aren't yet going down. The Governors Highway Safety Administration (GHSA) released a study on Wednesday Read More
(MASS TORT NEXUS MEDIA) Defense won a major legal victory in a Ramsey County, MN court this week in the state court litigation where orthopedic surgery patients alleged the 3M company’s Bair Hugger forced-air warming systems caused their deep joint surgical infections. Ramsey County District Judge Read More
And they’re not a “good neighbor” either. And they don’t have “good hands.” (I could go on.)  But you probably already knew that. One awful example of this has been the relentless effort by LA-based Mercury Insurance, as well as other big companies like State Farm, to undermine the most effective ( Read More
The Pennsylvania Superior Court has sent a Risperdal case that initially came to a $1.75 million verdict back to the trial court to determine whether there should be a new trial on punitive damages. A three-judge Superior Court panel on Tuesday issued its ruling in Murray v. Janssen Pharmaceuticals Read More
IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — A prominent Iowa City landlord was ordered to pay $5.6 million in damages Tuesday after jurors held him responsible for the 2014 death of a maintenance worker. A jury ruled that Jeffrey Clark, manager of Apartments Downtown, Inc., was "grossly negligent" in the death of 40- Read More
A trail of blood and brains led nursing home staff in Houston to a room where a mentally ill resident had beaten his two roommates to death. A 45-year-old man who had been missing for hours at his Kentucky nursing home was found dead in a stairwell, his wheelchair on top of his chest. And residents Read More