Injury Law News

  • California Jury Finds Roundup Caused Man's Cancer
    A San Francisco federal jury unanimously agreed on Tuesday that Roundup caused a man's cancer — a potentially massive blow to the company that produces the glyphosate-based herbicide currently facing hundreds of similar lawsuits. After five days of deliberation the jury concluded the weed killer
  • Framed for Murder: $10M Awarded to San Francisco Man Who Spent 6 Years in Prison
    A federal court jury awarded $10 million in damages Friday to a San Francisco man who spent six years in prison before his murder conviction was thrown out. Jamal Trulove accused four San Francisco police officers of framing him for a 2007 killing at the city's Sunnydale public housing complex. An
  • Johnson & Johnson hit with $29.4 million verdict in talcum powder case
    A California jury returned a $29.4 million verdict in a trial involving a woman who believes that her mesothelioma is tied to her regular use of Johnson & Johnson's talcum powder. Wednesday's decision came after a lengthy trial that started in January. The jury awarded $24.4 million to Teresa
  • Court rules Newtown families can proceed with lawsuit against Remington
    HARTFORD, CT (WFSB/AP) — On Thursday, the Connecticut Supreme Court ruled that gun maker Remington can be sued for making the Bushmaster rifle used to kill 20 children and six educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012. Justices were split on the question, but on Thursday morning the court
A recent study found that parents who buckle up are more likely to make sure that when their kids are riding with them they are buckled up, too. More specifically, it found that in both fatal and nonfatal motor vehicle crashes, drivers who did not wear their seatbelts were more likely to have Read More
In the movies, police chases are portrayed as exciting and suspenseful with filmgoers getting a front row seat to a path of destruction left behind a multi-car chase with the “perp” in the lead speeding past one police car after another weaving in and around traffic, blowing through stop lights and Read More
A King County jury has awarded a West Seattle woman nearly $14 million in a medical-malpractice suit against Seattle Children’s Hospital and Children’s University Medical Group, finding doctors failed to prevent a debilitating stroke that left her unable to care for herself, according to the woman’ Read More
Big pharma is facing a major test in a small courthouse 20 miles south of here: the first trial at which a jury could decide whether drug companies bear responsibility for the nation’s opioid crisis. Thousands of cities, counties, Native American tribes and others have filed lawsuits up and down Read More
Due to quickly dwindling federal money for victims of the terror attacks of September 11, 2001, the special master overseeing the government fund to compensate victims of the attacks announced last week that future awards will be significantly reduced, typically by at least 50% because the fund is Read More
A Texas jury has awarded $37.6 million to a woman who sued Honda after being paralyzed in a 2015 car crash. Sarah Milburn, 27, brought a case against the automaker over its seat belt design after her Uber driver ran a red light and the Honda Odyssey she was riding in was struck broadside by a Read More