Injury Law News

  • Wisconsin Shipyard Workers Settle Lead Claims for $7.5M
    Fraser Shipyards has settled lawsuits involving dozens of workers who were exposed to lead while working on an old freighter in Superior, the company said. Fraser has agreed to pay $7.5 million to more than 60 workers who were exposed to lead paint. The workers were involved in a 2016 engine
  • Man Ejected From Car During Truck Collision Agrees to $2.1M in Settlements
    A man who suffered a traumatic brain injury after he was ejected from a sedan during a multivehicle accident has ended his case after agreeing to more than $2.1 million in settlements. Plaintiff Nagesh Roy has settled his claims against trucking company Freymiller for $2.1 million, and accepted a $
  • How to evade the leading cause of death
    (CNN)Americans are afraid of a lot of things: public speaking, heights, snakes, clowns and flying, just to name a few. Only some of these things can kill you, and none of them are likely to. When it comes to flying, you've probably heard this before: You're more likely to die from a lightning
  • Split Decision: Democrats Take House, Republicans Expand Senate Majority
    Driven by big gains in wealthy suburbs and in districts won by Hillary Clinton in 2016, Democrats lived up to pre-election expectations and won back the House of Representatives on Tuesday, winning a net of 26 House seats as of the publication of this post. However, Republicans  took advantage of
A woman who said she was sexually assaulted by another passenger onboard an overnight American Airlines flight last year has sued the carrier in federal court. The complaint, filed Wednesday by Colorado resident Aubrey Lane, alleges American failed in its duty to protect her and other passengers by Read More
Editorial from - Donald Trump is in the White House, there is a strong conservative majority in the Supreme Court and the Republican Party controls both the US House of Representatives and the US Senate. In addition, the GOP controls the majority of Governorships and state Read More
The arrival of ride-sharing services has resulted in an increase fatal traffic accidents in U.S. cities, a draft paper released Thursday shows. The research, produced in collaboration between the University of Chicago and Rice University, shows that the ride-share apps are associated with a two- to Read More
A private school system in Hawaii has paid $65 million to 32 people who sued the institution for the sexual abuse perpetrated decades ago by a psychiatric consultant. The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reports the payment Kamehameha Schools made this week is part of the $80 million settlement reached in Read More
Ridgefield, Connecticut-based Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc. was not upfront about the risks of its blood thinner, Pradaxa, a federal jury found Wednesday evening before returning a $1.25 million award for the family of an 84-year-old woman who died of severe bleeding. The nine-person Read More
A college gynecologist sued over inappropriate touching is facing additional accusations. Ninety-three additional former students have accused Dr. George Tyndall of sexual misconduct. "The impact of my appointments with Dr. Tyndall went far beyond just discomfort while I was with him,” Marie Read More