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  • Vaping Deaths Rise as Trump Administration Weighs Banning Flavors
    One day after the news that a Kansas woman became the sixth person in the United States to die from a severe pulmonary disease linked to vaping, the Trump Administration is considering banning all non-tobacco flavored vaping products from the market.  President Trump met with Health and Human
  • What is Wrongful Death?
    It is an unfortunate tragedy when bad decisions or poorly manufactured products cost someone their life. But what legal actions can be taken after someone dies as the result of someone else’s inaction? Wrongful death is defined as an unintended fatality caused by someone else’s negligence or
  • What To Look For When Hiring An Auto Product Defect Lawyer
    When you get into your vehicle, you don’t expect an auto defect to cause an accident. Often, these types of accidents are so severe that lead to lifelong injuries or fatalities. In the United States, there are thousands of individuals who sustain injuries caused by defective auto parts each year.
  • The Correlation Between Labor Day Weekend And Fatal Car Crashes
    The first Monday in September is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. During this holiday weekend, we honor the American Labor movement and pay tribute to workers in America. Many see this three-day weekend as the last chance to enjoy warm weather fun before the
  • The mother and grandmother of a 15-year-old boy who intentionally flew a stolen plane into a Bank of America building in Tampa four months after the 9/11 attacks have dropped their $70 million lawsuit against the drug manufacturer Hoffmann-LaRoche, Read More
  • With the United States still reeling from the tainted pet food recall in March 2007 due to contaminated food imported from China, another product made there is causing serious injuries and deaths: defective tires. Almost 500,000 (possibly many more Read More
  • A Boston man, who lost the use of his arms and legs after being hit by a car while he was crossing a street two years ago, has been awarded over $16 million. The verdict was one of the largest awards by a jury for a personal injury case in Read More
  • A jury has awarded $3.7 million to a woman permanently injured in a brutal dog attack finding that the Delray Beach, Florida city officials were not only at fault but were more culpable than the dog’s owner. The jury assigned 60% of the blame to the Read More
  • Though fireworks are exciting and fun to watch, they can also be very dangerous, especially in the hands of untrained users or children. In 2005, approximately 10,800 people were treated in emergency rooms for fireworks-related injuries, and 60% of Read More
  • An Indiana bar has been ordered to pay a settlement of $704,649 to a motorcyclist who is totally disabled as a result of a crash caused by a drunk driver who had been a patron at the establishment the night of the wreck. The bar ordered to pay is Read More
  • Thousands of Cincinnati residents are eligible to receive a settlement check if they were evacuated or harmed by the styrene leak on the east side in 2005. Styrene, also known as vinyl benzene, is an organic compound that evaporates easily and has a Read More
  • In mid-June 2007, a Florida woman who lost a child in an accidental shooting in 2000 was one of three people who won a settlement against a gun manufacturer. Linda Bullard’s 15-year-old son, Billy, died in their Macon, Florida home in 2000. Mrs. Read More
  • Three trials and over ten years later, a California man who suffered severe brain injuries when his seatbelt failed in a car accident, was awarded an astonishing $32.5 million; Ford Motor Company and Mazda Motor Corporation were found negligent for Read More
  • More lawsuits have recently been filed against the Canadian company B.C. Ferries over the March 22, 2006 sinking of the Queen of the North. The ship ran aground and then sank off the northern coast of British Columbia last year, and two passengers, Read More
  • Robert Taylor, who lost his right leg in a firearm accident four years ago, was awarded $600,000 in damages against gun manufacturer Freedom Arms Inc. following a three-week jury trial. The jury unanimously found that there was a defect in the Read More
  • A child conceived but not yet born at the time of a negligent act can later sue over the negligence, a Wisconsin state appeals court has ruled. When a county judge dismissed a medical malpractice lawsuit brought on behalf of a 2-year-old boy whose Read More
  • The widow of a California man who died in a Yuba River boating tragedy has filed a wrongful death suit against the federal government. The woman, Brigid Bailey, is seeking unspecified damages stemming from the death of her husband, Joseph Bailey, at Read More
  • A Sacramento lawsuit set for trial in June 2007 claims the Ford Motor Company deceived consumers about the safety of the Ford Explorer, a sport utility vehicle (SUV), first built in the 1990′s. The class-action Sacramento lawsuit was brought on Read More