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  • Will a Drunk Driver’s Conviction Help Your Car Accident Case?
    By Lynn Fugaro, Staff Writer There really is no easy answer to the question of whether or not a drunk driver’s conviction will help your personal injury claim following a car accident with injuries. If a drunk driver is criminally charged and convicted of drunk driving following the car accident in
  • Vitamin E Acetate May be Cause of Vaping Illness
    By Lynn Fugaro, Staff Writer Vitamin E acetate is an additive and thickening agent that may be the cause of the vaping-related lung illness that has claimed 40 lives and has caused over 2,000 other teenagers and adults to require medical care as of the time of this writing. Used both as an additive
    It’s an unfortunate reality that we all must face at some point: the time has come when you can no longer safely care for your senior parent at home. Realizing the need to place your loved one in a nursing home facility can be upsetting for you. Nursing homes get a lot of bad press for abuse and
  • Ohio Workers’ Compensation Still Doesn’t Cover PTSD in First Responders
    By Lynn Fugaro, Staff Writer The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, created in 1912, helps injured workers and employers deal with workplace injuries. The Ohio BWC pays medical benefits and lost wages to employees who are injured on the job or who contract an occupational disease on the job; the
  • San Dimas, the California community that was such a bummer for Bill and Ted, proved itself generally unfriendly to teens when it installed a dangerous fence that put a beauty queen and top student in permanent medical care. The teenager was driving Read More
  • In a groundbreaking strategy, Merck has decided to fight every single case of litigation over its drug Vioxx. When Vioxx was pulled from the market, speculations abounded that Merck’s liability could reach $50 billion and even around the possible Read More
  • In a toxic tort suit stemming from pollution in a small Nevada town that may be responsible for a leukemia cluster that has sickened 17 children and killed three, Kennametal Inc. sought to protect itself against wrongful death charges by bringing a Read More
  • The Colorado Court of Appeals put a stop to another money-making tactic by State Farm Mutual Insurance Company. It reversed a trial-court ruling that said the insurance behemoth could unilaterally reduce payments to patients and doctors based on Read More
  • In Washington, this year’s election has been fired up by Referendum 67, a law that would allow consumers to collect triple damages if their insurer unreasonably denies a claim or violates rules against unfair practices. Supporters say the law gives Read More
  • A part-time firefighter injured in a January 30th explosion at a Little General Store/ Godfather’s Pizza has filed a $20 million-dollar suit against the store owner and seven other defendants, some of whom are unnamed. The explosion, which occurred Read More
  • A suit involving three women against pharmaceutical giant Wyeth over the relationship between Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) drugs Premarin and Prempro and the women’s breast cancers has entered its second week of testimony. The women’s lawyers Read More
  • We trust our doctors to tell us what’s wrong. After all, it’s their job, right? We pay them for their expertise, so why wouldn’t we trust them? Trust is one thing, but blind faith is another. Listen to your doctor, but if something just doesn’t feel Read More
  • Fourteen more families of people killed in hijacked planes on September 11, 2001, settled their lawsuits against the airlines. Just one week before the first trial was scheduled to begin, the families received undisclosed settlements. The Read More
  • As I mentioned in an earlier post, industry lobbyists have recently changed tactics and are seeking governmental regulations where once they fought tooth and nail to avoid them. One of their primary rationales for this change of heart was to attempt Read More
  • On September 13, a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) panel of independent medical experts voted to keep Trasylol, a drug marketed by Bayer AG, on the market in the US. As part of a continuing review, the panel was given the opportunity to review Read More
  • In a recent and unexpected trend, many industries that have been vehemently fighting regulation for decades have suddenly turned around, seeking to protect themselves from lawsuits by getting cover from governmental laws and guidelines. The movement Read More
  • On Wednesday, September 12, a drug trial opened in Reno, Nevada to determine whether Prempro manufacturer Wyeth pharmaceuticals was malicious, negligent, or at least insufficiently cautious in its labeling and marketing of hormone-replacement Read More
  • We’ve all seen the commercials of the woman who is taking her kids to school when she gets in an accident. It’s a minor one, but she is so scared for the health and safety of her children that she is broken down, crying in fear. Sobbing on her cell Read More
  • In October 2005, Lindsay Lohan was driving her Mercedes and struck Raymundo Ortega’s van. The California Highway Patrol blamed Ortega, a busboy, for putting his van in the way of Lohan’s flight from paparazzi by making an illegal u-turn. Although Read More