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  • Inadequately Trained or Inexperienced Truck Driver
    Operating a truck is nothing like driving a small passenger car. Trucks are much larger and heavier. Drivers of these large vehicles undergo specialized training and require more experience to qualify for a commercial driving license. Inexperience or lack of adequate training can result in
  • How to Safely Stop on a Highway Shoulder in an Emergency
    We’ve all seen those viral dashcam videos of a car careening off the main highway and hitting another car or person parked on a highway shoulder. These videos are striking reminders of the dangerous situations that can arise from parking on a highway shoulder. The number of pedestrian deaths from
  • Oil Boom Leads to Increase in Deadly Permian Basin Trucking Crashes
    The Permian Basin is the home of some of Texas’ most productive oil fields. But it is also the home of one of Texas’ most deadly roads. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, only 2% of Texans live in the Permian Basin, however, 11% of all traffic fatalities occurred there in 2016.
  • Pride Month: 50 Years Since Stonewall, 50 Years of Gay Liberation
    On June 1, famous corporate logos on social media turn to rainbows, and parades, picnics, and parties start occurring all over the country to recognize and celebrate Pride Month. Pride Month, celebrated every June, is when the world’s LGBTQ communities celebrate the freedom to be themselves. It’s
  • A month and a half after a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) panel voted to keep Bayer’s Trasylol on the market, Bayer voluntarily pulled it. The drug, an anti-bleeding agent, had been found, in two studies published in 2006, to double the risk of Read More
  • With its policies for defrauding policyholders already exposed in another case, State Farm is trying to prevent the fallout of what could be a highly damaging case on its handling of Hurricane-Katrina-related claims in Mississippi. Its most recent Read More
  • We now know that Medtronic knew about problems in its Sprint Fidelis leads as early as February. However, despite the fact that these problems were obviously serious, leading the Minneapolis Heart Institute to inform Medtronic that the leads may be Read More
  • In a testament to the long-reaching consequences of chemical warfare, workers digging a trench as part of the ongoing cleanup of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal discovered lewisite, a chemical warfare agent produced first for use in World War I and Read More
  • With our medical system in a mess, many people are wondering how to escape the dangers of going under the care of the medical-industrial complex. People are afraid of medical malpractice, especially the overprescription of medications. Read More
  • On October 26, the Supreme Court agreed to hear arguments in the case of the tanker spill after a federal appeals court again reduced the punitive damages in a toxic tort suit against Exxon-Mobile for the oil spill caused then the Exxon Valdez ran Read More
  • Like its namesake in England, the Manchester area of Houston is a hub of industry. It houses the largest petrochemical complex in the United States, and it works night and day to refine oil into gas in response to the quenchless thirst of American Read More
  • As a continued lead-up to the appearance of our toxic tort page, I thought I’d take today’s blog to write about a very good movie concerning toxic tort, Michael Clayton. George Clooney stars as the title character, who is a fixer in a huge NY law Read More
  • Considering the topic of several recent blogs, especially those on the Mission, Texas pesticide plant, and the Fallon, Nevada leukemia cluster, it might seem odd that the entries never link to a page that would get my readers in touch with toxic Read More
  • In keeping with our attempt to convey a little lighter side to news, we’ll focus today on the heroic efforts of good Samaritans who saved two children from drowning. The children were riding in a minivan near Disney World when the vehicle suffered Read More
  • I feel we’ve been too serious here for a little while, so how’s about a lighter story for a change? In Denver, a driver was videotaped as she slept in her car while driving on the highway at speeds up to 70 MPH. The woman had her head back as she Read More
  • At the conclusion of a month-long trial, three women who say their breast cancers were linked with their use of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) drugs Prempro and Premarin from Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, were rewarded a total of $134.5 million by a Read More
  • Although hundreds of Mission, Texas residents are suing numerous manufacturers who used the Hayes-Sammons plant decades ago to produce pesticides and other chemicals, only one woman will get her chance to argue her case—for now. With insurance Read More
  • As Allstate began its defense in a $1.425 billion-dollar lawsuit, it became clear that the case might have been damaged irreparably by the plaintiff’s previous lawyer. The Kentucky woman who was suing Allstate for bad faith insurance practices had Read More
  • Finally attempting to do their job of representing the people of the State of Florida, the Florida Legislature voted Friday to reinstate PIP insurance in the state. The law, which lawmakers under pressure from insurance companies allowed to expire Read More