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  • Insulators Are Exposed to Asbestos
    By Zac Pingle, Staff Writer Insulation, the material that is responsible for keeping our houses warm and  soundproofing walls, was madewith asbestos for many years. Though the EPA has banned the use of asbestos in insulation, asbestos-containing insulation can still be found today in thousands (if
  • What Happens When A U.S. Citizen is Wrongfully Deported?
    Being on an ICE hold in an ICE detention center and facing deportation can be a traumatic experience for anyone, especially when compounded with confusion and uncertainty if you are, in fact, an American citizen. Many people believe that it is impossible for a U.S. citizen to be mistaken for an
  • Are Incretin Memetic Drugs Linked To Pancreatic Cancer Risks?
    Medication is supposed to improve the lives of those suffering. When doctors write you a prescription, you shouldn’t have to worry about cancer risks or any other issues that could harm your health. But, not all medications were created equal. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the
  • USA Gymnastics Bankrupt; Abuse Victims May Not Get Restitution
    By Lynn Fugaro, Staff Writer USA Gymnastics is in serious financial trouble and the solution the entity came up with to resolve their financial issues has a number of people scratching their heads. Under threat of being decertified by the United States Olympic Committee, USA Gymnastics has filed
  • Three trials and over ten years later, a California man who suffered severe brain injuries when his seatbelt failed in a car accident, was awarded an astonishing $32.5 million; Ford Motor Company and Mazda Motor Corporation were found negligent for Read More
  • More lawsuits have recently been filed against the Canadian company B.C. Ferries over the March 22, 2006 sinking of the Queen of the North. The ship ran aground and then sank off the northern coast of British Columbia last year, and two passengers, Read More
  • Robert Taylor, who lost his right leg in a firearm accident four years ago, was awarded $600,000 in damages against gun manufacturer Freedom Arms Inc. following a three-week jury trial. The jury unanimously found that there was a defect in the Read More
  • A child conceived but not yet born at the time of a negligent act can later sue over the negligence, a Wisconsin state appeals court has ruled. When a county judge dismissed a medical malpractice lawsuit brought on behalf of a 2-year-old boy whose Read More
  • The widow of a California man who died in a Yuba River boating tragedy has filed a wrongful death suit against the federal government. The woman, Brigid Bailey, is seeking unspecified damages stemming from the death of her husband, Joseph Bailey, at Read More
  • A Sacramento lawsuit set for trial in June 2007 claims the Ford Motor Company deceived consumers about the safety of the Ford Explorer, a sport utility vehicle (SUV), first built in the 1990′s. The class-action Sacramento lawsuit was brought on Read More