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  • The 411 on Hernia Mesh Lawsuits
    By Lynn Fugaro, Staff Writer A hernia is a painful medical condition can be debilitating, and while some people may suffer with a hernia for weeks, months, or years others must have surgery right away to correct their hernia—especially if it’s a large hernia. According to WebMD, a hernia occurs “
  • 3M's Defective Earplugs Changed The Lives of Central Texas Veterans
    Central Texas veterans Sergeant Gilberto Figueroa and Staff Sergeant Charles Partain have joined thousands of veterans nationwide in suing Minnesota-based tech company 3M. Both Figueroa and Partain say that the company’s defective earplugs are responsible for hearing damage they endured while
  • March Is Brain Injury Awareness Month
    Each year, the month of March is marked as the time to honor those impacted by brain injury and promote prevention, care, research, and advocacy. For over 30 years, the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) has called on the nation to observe Brain Injury Awareness Month through a public
  • Daylight Saving: A Day to Check for Recalls
    On Sunday, March 10 at 2 a.m., most clocks will ‘spring forward’ causing a majority of Americans to lose an hour of sleep.  Losing that one precious hour of sleep is the downside of daylight saving time. But, on the bright side, we gain an extra hour of sunlight in the evening. This extra hour of
  • When dealing with insurance adjusters after an accident, they seem friendly enough, and their claims of being “on your side” sound genuine. But, often, all is not as it appears – especially when the overriding fact governing your claim is this: Once Read More
  • By Sean Lally, Staff Writer Michael Tilkey, a former employee of Allstate Insurance Co., received some relief earlier this month, when a San Diego jury awarded him over $18 million in damages. Tilkey, who had worked for the company for nearly three Read More
  • When a railroad worker gets injured on the job, the railroad company’s legal team will quietly set out to prove that they are not at fault for your injury. The railroad’s team consists of claim agents, lawyers, managers and company nurses and Read More
  • More than 80 percent of people in the United States are affected by back pain. Back injuries are often the result of vehicle or trucking collisions, sports, slips and falls. It is true that some back injuries will not require surgery, but surgery Read More
  • The traffic light in front of you turns green, and you proceed into the intersection. Without warning, another driver pulls into the intersection and T-Bones you. Intersectional accidents like this can result in horrific injuries. Not only is your Read More
  • Visibility is vital when operating any type of vehicle if you want to avoid a collision. However, there are various blind spots that drivers have to deal with every day. Blind spots are particularly dangerous when you are backing up your vehicle - Read More
  • Back injuries are among the most difficult types of injuries to diagnose and treat. Moreover, these injuries are often deceiving. A soft-tissue injuries study analyzed the symptoms of those who had been in car crashes for a full 15 years after the Read More
  • Victims who discover they have pre-existing conditions need to understand how those can influence their injury cases and complicate accident claims; however, you should not be discouraged from pursuing compensation for your injuries. If you and your Read More
  • Tasigna (nilotinib) is used to treat Philadelphia chromosome-positive (Ph+) chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML). It is a chemotherapy drug in a class of drugs called tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs). CML is a type of blood cancer. TKIs help stop the Read More
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can occur in many types of accidents. The CDC reports brain injuries cause 30% of all injury fatalities in the US. Below is more information about different types of traumatic brain injuries and the accidents in which Read More
  • As a driver, have you ever been inconvenienced by a bicyclist on the road? More than likely, you've experienced the frustration that comes with being "stuck" behind a slow-moving cyclist on a busy road—but it's important to realize that bicyclists Read More
  • By Sean Lally, Staff Writer Though many people have seen public court cases played out on television, fewer people are aware of Alternative Dispute Resolution, or ADR. ADR refers to non-litigative practices aimed at resolving disputes. Both parties Read More
  • Each year in the United States as many as ten thousand people die from burn injuries and more than two million people seek medical care due to burns. The majority of burn injuries happen to the most vulnerable in the population, namely senior Read More
  • If you’ve been injured in a vehicle accident or slip and fall, you’ve felt physical pain and perhaps even suffered psychological harm as well. You may be entitled to compensation for the suffering you’ve endured due to the negligence of another Read More
  • This is a guest blog post from the law firm of Wapner, Newman, Wigrizer, Brecher & Miller. Human error prompts most of today's car accidents, and yet, many drivers are reluctant to cede control to self-driving cars. So far, research indicates Read More