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  • How To Prepare Before And After A Car Crash: A Step By Step Guide
    One minute, everything is fine, and then all of a sudden, the worst has happened. You’ve been in a car crash. What you do next will make all the difference from your medical treatment to the compensation for your pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages and more. Injuries may be severe and
  • Careless Social Media Use Can Severly Injure Your lawsuit
    When negligence causes an injury, seeking the assistance of a personal injury lawyer will ensure the negligent party is held responsible for the cost of your injuries. In fact, when you hire a Carlson Law Firm attorney, you’re hiring a team of investigators, nurses and accessing an entire network
  • How to Minimize the Chances of Birth Injury
    By Lynn Fugaro, Staff Writer There’s nothing more devastating than a joyous day of childbirth turning into a tragedy when a baby is injured during birth and forced to face a lifetime of physical and cognitive challenges that most children and families never see. Did you know that in the United
  • Should States Adopt A Lower BAC Limit Of .05?
    In January 2016, the National Transportation Safety Board put out its 2016 Most Wanted List. On that list was a new threshold that the board wants states to adopt for driving impairment: .05% blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Some states are taking heed to this suggestion and moving forward with
  • The latest research and data provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveal that falls, being struck by an object and auto collisions are the leading cause of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) in the United States. These type Read More
  • The key to getting compensation in any personal injury case is to prove negligence. This can be difficult when it comes to recovering compensation for injuries to pedestrian that occur as a result of the driver failing to use appropriate caution in Read More
  • By Sean Lally, Staff Writer At the beginning of June, John Hickenlooper, Governor of Colorado, vetoed three bills, bringing the total for 2018 to nine vetoed measures. Perhaps most controversial is a bill that would have allowed kids with autism Read More
  • Workplace injuries are terrifying situations. When hurt on the job, not only will you feel pain from your injury, but you may also start to worry about the consequences that will come with the injury. Will I have to take time off from work? Will I Read More
  • A car crash is one of the scariest and most stressful situations we, as drivers, can experience. But what about the other people in the car at the time of the collision? Passengers in car crashes are often overlooked, even though they are injured Read More
  • Not many people realize how catastrophic the aftermath of a spinal cord injury will be unless they experience it. Because of their traumatic nature, spinal cord injuries often greatly impact the lives of injured individuals. The reality is that Read More
  • Sustaining a workplace injury is painful for the worker, the worker’s pocketbook and the employer. One of the most difficult and stressful decisions after a workplace injury is deciding when to return to work. The injured worker may risk further Read More
  • More than one person may be injured in a serious motor vehicle collision. In that situation, you may not be sure if you should retain separate counsel to represent you as opposed to having one law firm represent all of the victims. Protecting your Read More
  • Many of the nation’s nursing homes are routinely ignoring the basics of hygiene and infection prevention including washing hands and preventing nurses and nursing aides that are ill from coming to work. Despite putting their residents’ health in Read More
  • By Sean Lally, Staff Writer A bill has been working its way through Congress that, if passed, would abolish the use of fluorinated chemicals used at airbases around the country. According to the new bill, entitled the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 Read More
  • Unfortunately, drunk driving is far too common in the US. There at least 1.4 million arrests made annually. And those are only the ones that get caught. Even worse, drunk driving is responsible for 30 percent of traffic related fatalities that occur Read More
  • Women have been using baby powder as a feminine hygiene product for decades. More specifically: Hispanic women.  But it wasn’t until more recently that scientists discovered a possible link between baby powder usage and ovarian cancer. The cancer- Read More
  • In 2018, it is difficult to imagine life without electricity. In today’s modern society, electricity powers everything in our lives. Every day we rely on currents in the workplace, during travel and, of course, in the home. While most interactions Read More
  • You are caught in stop-and-go traffic on the freeway, when you suddenly get hit by the car behind you. At first you think the accident is over, but you then feel a secondary impact as another car hits the vehicle that rear-ended you. This chain Read More
  • It’s a parent’s worst nightmare - your child ends up in the hospital with severe injuries following a motor vehicle accident. Even though you took the proper safety precautions and restrained your child in an approved car seat, your child was still Read More