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  • Causes of Pedestrian Accidents – Failure to Observe Crosswalks
    By Sandra Dalton, Staff Writer Traffic laws are established to prevent accidents. They are designed to protect both motorists and pedestrians. These rules lay out how motorists and pedestrians should use the roads. In addition to the laws affecting motorists, traffic laws govern how pedestrians
  • Time Limits for Worker’s Compensation
    By Sean Lally, Staff Writer When you get hurt on the job, it’s good to know that there are mechanisms in place for obtaining much-needed compensation for medical bills and lost wages. These mechanisms are known as worker’s compensation. Luckily, worker’s comp is fairly easy to access, unless of
  • The September 11th Victim Compensation Fund
    By Sean Lally, Staff Writer The attacks that occurred on September 11th, 2001, resulted in the death of nearly 3,000 people. The immediate impact of the event could be felt throughout the globe, and surely, New York City residents who lived in proximity to the World Trade Center suffered as a
  • “Wrongful Birth Claim” Acknowledged by Oregon Supreme Court
    By Sean Lally, Staff Writer In February, the Oregon Supreme Court affirmed an appeals court decision, effectively acknowledging the validity of a wrongful birth claim brought by two parents, while rejecting a wrongful life claim brought by the eldest son. Kerry and Scott Tomlinson gave birth to