Catastrophic Injury Claims


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If you or a family member has been seriously injured in an accident, you may be worried about how you will provide for your family during the recovery. You may be fearful of losing your home, your car, and your ability to the pay the bills. If you were injured due to someone else's negligence or wrongdoing, you may not even know your legal rights regarding monetary compensation. Thats where an experienced personal injury lawyer can help. While you focus on your recovery and getting well again, let our attorneys focus on getting you the compensation to which you are entitled. We understand what you're going through, and we have helped thousands of families, just like yours. We can help you, too.

Catastrophic injuries often result in the disruption or impairment of a body’s muscular, skeletal or neurological systems. Some people may recover, but often, catastrophic injuries are permanent in nature and require ongoing medical care over the course of a lifetime.

Types of Catastrophic Injury Claims

Catastrophic injuries can include:

Why You Need To Hire an Attorney With Experience Handling Catastrophic Injury Claims

These devastating injuries often happen suddenly without warning. They have a severe impact on the victim's life and on those of his or her loved ones. The victim may be subject to long-term suffering or a significantly shortened lifespan. In some cases, as when a bone heals improperly or if there was a childhood injury with long-term growth platelet issues, catastrophic injuries do not surface for many years.

The victim of a catastrophic injury may undergo years of rehabilitation. Side effects such as stress, anxiety, depression and even violent behavior are not uncommon. The victim may have trouble communicating. And the burden of expensive medical bills is exacerbated by a lifetime of lost earnings.

A qualified personal injury attorney can help you recover the maximum damages and compensation you or your loved one may be eligible for. Because injuries are often so severe, catastrophic injury lawsuits seek millions of dollars in damages. An experienced catastrophic injury attorney can also advise you on government benefits that may be available.

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