Burn Injury Lawyers


The severity of burn injuries can be devastating to the victim and their family. If the burn injury was the result of another party's negligence, then they should be responsible for compensation. If you are the victim of a burn injury, simply trying to get through the day can be a trying and often painful experience. If your loved one is the victim, getting them to rehabilitation, possible counseling, and other life changing events can affect you as much as the victim. Burn injury lawyers understand what you are going through and are there to support you and make sure you get the compensation needed to adjust to these trying times.

About two million people suffer burn injuries in the United States each year. 300,000 of these injuries were reported as serious. Recovery from severe injury burns, or those that cover extensive portions of the body, can be long and arduous. The risk for infections, scarring and other complications is high. Burns are the third most frequent cause of accidental death.

The most common burn injuries are due to:

First degree burns are the least severe and account for 85% of all burns. Second and third degree burns affect progressively deeper tissue and involve more serious health consequences, including infection, scarring and shock. Third degree burn victims usually require skin grafting and other reconstructive techniques.

Burns can be caused by heat, electricity or chemicals. They most often affect the skin, but can affect tissue well below the skin’s surface or occur internally through the ingestion of a hot liquid or when hot air is inhaled during a fire. Burns to hands, feet, face or genitals usually require hospitalization.

The treatment of burn injuries has improved significantly from twenty years ago, when burns over half the body were usually fatal. Patients with burn injuries over 90% of their bodies can now be expected to survive. The more severe burns may require the use of a hyperbaric chamber, which treats the wounds with pressurized oxygen. Some victims may require intubation, which allows them to breathe through their throat with a tube. In some cases, skin grafts and antibiotic therapy can reduce the chance of an infection.

But lengthy hospital stays and specialized care can be very costly. And the latest treatments do not address the emotional and psychological damage that often results, not to mention the lost wages and pain involved with therapy and rehabilitation.

If you or a loved one has suffered a burn injury, an experienced burn injury lawyer can investigate to determine if another party is fully or partially responsible, which is the first step toward recovering damages you may be entitled to.

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