Zyprexa Manufacturer Considers $1 Billion Fine


After revelations that it promoted potentially harmful off-label uses of its antipsychotic drug Zyprexa, manufacturer Eli Lilly is considering agreeing to a $1 billion fine to stop criminal and civil investigations into their marketing practices for the drug. This would be the largest fine ever paid by a drug company for breaking federal laws that impose limitations on the marketing and promotion of medicines.

Because it has serious side effects, Zyprexa is only approved for the treatment of schizophrenia and severe bipolar disorder, but according to documents, Eli Lilly encouraged doctors to prescribe it to patients suffering from mild bipolar disorder who had previously been diagnosed with depression, as well as those suffering from age-related dementia. The pharmaceutical injuries associated with Zyprexa include diabetes and diabetic coma, pancreatitis, and as much as a doubling for the risk of stroke in elderly dementia patients.

The fine constitutes only the government’s response to the severity of Eli Lilly’s breach of marketing guidelines, and does not address the loss you or someone you love may have suffered as a result of the company’s dangerous attempt to enrich itself at the expense of patients. To make sure the company feels your loss, and to help you and your family recover from the damage done by the drug, contact PersonalInjury.com today to get in touch with a local defective pharmaceutical lawyer who can represent you.