Yasmin, Yaz Surpass Asbestos Exposure with Most Pending Lawsuits


The number of pending lawsuits filed on behalf of women who suffered severe and sometimes deadly injuries due to complications linked to the birth control medications Yaz and Yasmin has surpassed asbestos exposure cases as the largest pending multidistrict litigation in the country.

If you suffered harm due to Yaz or Yazmin, or if you or a family member was exposed to asbestos and developed mesothelioma, one of our experienced attorneys may be able to help you recover the financial security you need and sense of justice you deserve.

Although Yaz and Yasmin have only been on the market for around a decade while asbestos was widely used for nearly a century, the number of lawsuits stemming from women who experienced the serious side-effects of these oral contraceptives continues to grow. Bayer, which makes both Yasmin and Yaz, has already paid approximately $750 million to settle nearly 3,500 individual cases, the company faces at least 12,000 additional lawsuits with more being filed daily.

Yaz and Yasmin contain the synthetic ingredient drospirenone, which has been linked to an increased risk of adverse effects including:

  • Thromboembolism, potentially fatal blood clots
  • Hyperkalemia, a dangerously increased potassium level

If you were hurt or a family member died due to complications associated with the use of Yaz or Yasmin, please contact PersonalInjury.com for your free case review and to locate an experienced attorney near you.