Yasmin, Yaz Lawsuit Settlements Top $402 Million


German-based pharmaceutical manufacturer Bayer reported this week that settlements related to United States lawsuits over medical problems stemming from its Yasmin and Yaz birth control pills has reached more than $402 million.

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So far, Bayer has resolved more than 1,500 cases in which women who were prescribed Yasmin or Yaz alleged the oral contraceptives caused blood clots that in some circumstances led to heart attacks and strokes. The lawsuits allege that Bayer overstated the benefits of Yasmin and Yaz and failed to adequately warn of potential side-effects.

Additional cases regarding Yasmin and Yaz were consolidated in a federal court, although a trial schedule was put on hold as a mediator works with attorneys for women who used the birth control pills and lawyers for Bayer continue settlement talks. A July 31 article on Bloomberg indicated that Bayer set aside an additional $610.5 million for pending Yasmin and Yaz cases.

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