Woman Suffers Back Injury in Jet Ski Accident

Jet Ski Accidents

A woman was airlifted to a hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina after falling off a jet ski and injuring her back at Lake Norman. The woman was riding on the back of a jet ski going about 45 mph when she fell off into the water.

The impact of the water landing on the woman’s back hurt her so badly that friends had to stabilize her in the water while other people went for help. Once a rescue boat got the woman out of the water, they took her to a landing where they rescue crew rushed her to a medical helicopter. Once the woman got to the Charlotte hospital she was stabilized and doctors were able to treat her for back injuries.

Jet ski accidents often occur because riders believe they can ride the machines at a skill level much greater than what they have. In addition to spinal cord injuries, jet ski accidents can result in serious brain injuries and other broken bones.

If you are ever involved in a jet ski accident, you should contact an experienced jet ski accident lawyer to find out if someone else is liable for your injuries. If someone else is at fault for your jet ski accident, your jet ski attorney will help you recover compensation for your injuries.

To learn more about jet ski accidents and to find out what compensation you can recover, please contact a jet ski accident attorney in your area.