Woman Seeks to Expand Free Helmet Distribution for Skateboarders


When she lost her son to a traumatic brain injury suffered in a skateboarding accident on May 5, 2005, a woman in Largo, Florida, decided that she would try and save other mothers the same grief by giving away free helmets to skateboarders in the town. Although she began giving out a few helmets right away, her efforts have really grown, with a non-profit organization being set up to obtain and distribute helmets to skateboarders at the skateboard park. Now the town has required that helmets be worn in the park, and stationing an employee to enforce the restriction.

The woman has proposed that the city become a partner in distributing helmets as part of its enforcement program. She says that she hopes to set up six to eight distribution centers in both he public and private skateboard parks in the area. However, the city is reluctant to get involved until it can be determined whether or not it will be entering into a possible liability by distributing the helmets.

Although we all know that wearing helmets can prevent a deadly brain or spine injury, many people ignore this and ride their skateboards without helmets anyway. And premises supplied for skateboarding without adequate enforcement that creates a culture of safety can foster the dangerous attitudes and practices that lead to needless deaths. If someone you know or love has been injured as a result of this kind of culture, contact PersonalInjury.com today to find a local brain injury lawyer who can help you turn it around into an atmosphere that fosters safety and fun together.