Woman Dying from Fathers Job Gets Settlement for Her Children


A woman in Devon, England recently won her claim for damages after developing a case of incurable asbestos-related cancer from hugging her father when he came home from work at the Devonport Shipyard. In this poignant case, the woman was a little girl in the 1960s when her father worked laying asbestos in the shipyard, and when he came home exhausted from the day’s work, she would hug him. In the process, she was exposed to dangerous asbestos fibers, which lodged in her lungs.

In 1994, she began experiencing breathing difficulties, and last year, the same year her father died of asbestos-related mesothelioma, she was diagnosed with the same disease. Now the Ministry of Defense has acknowledged its liability in the case and offered her a six-figure settlement. The woman said that the settlement has given her some peace of mind for her family.

This case shows how far-reaching can be the effects of a toxic workplace. If you are working in an environment where you are exposed to harsh chemicals, you could be bringing home more than a paycheck. Protect your family and your future. Contact PersonalInjury.com today to get in touch with an area lawyer who can bring financial pressure to bear on negligent employers.