Vioxx Lawsuits from Overseas


Although Vioxx manufacturer Merck has offered a $4.85 billion settlement, that settlement is only available to US citizens or people who had their heart attacks or strokes in the US. For people who were prescribed the medication overseas, such as the thousands of Britons who received the drug, the settlement has no meaning. So, for those who suffered heart attacks or strokes as a result of the drug, there is no option but the courts.

Some people who took Vioxx experienced heart attacks or strokes within months of beginning treatment. Although Merck had tried to claim that Vioxx actually reduced the chances of heart attack, studies showed that it actually doubled the risks for people taking the drug, and in addition increased the risks of ischemic stroke. Since the drug was recalled, it has been shown that Merck should have known of these risks, and that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)‘s oversight was negligent in the approval process.

Although the Vioxx settlement is not available for those who might want to file a new claim, there are many new drugs coming out constantly whose side effects are ill-understood. If you or someone you love has suffered an adverse side effect from taking a new drug, you may not be alone. Contact today to get in touch with a local pharmaceutical injury lawyer who can help you find out whether the drug may be responsible for your side effects.