Video: Victims of Sexual Assault Get Justice in Civil Courts

Personal Injury

Victims of sexual assault can recover damages even though the attacker was not convicted in a criminal court, according to Steven Sweat, a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles who represents victims of sexual attacks.

In today’s video, Sweat points out that the burden of proof in civil cases is lower -- a preponderance of the evidence -- as opposed to the higher standard in the criminal system, which is proof beyond reasonable doubt.

In many cases Sweat has seen, patients are being sexually assaulted by nurses, orderlies and even doctors. Often, people in mental health facilities people are not believed when they say they have been sexually assaulted. In one case, a nurse was involved in five incidents before the mental health hospital investigated the perpetrator -- and Sweat was able to recover a seven-figure recovery.

The important thing is to report the incident when it occurs and to seek the advice of an attorney. Victims can find out more about the remedies on Steven's blog and also He can be reached at 800-252-0735.

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