Video: Trucking Accidents in the Wake of the Tracy Morgan Settlement

Truck Accidents

In today's video we’re talking about truck accidents, which every year kill 4,000 people and injured 100,000 people -- including comedian Tracy Morgan, whose limo van was hit by a Walmart truck in Delaware in June 2014. We're talking with Stephen Sweat, a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles who is familiar with trucking accident cases.

Sweat said he is hopeful that the Tracy Morgan settlement means more companies like Walmart to pay a considerable settlement in truck crashes, and to be cognizant of trucker fatigue which causes these accidents.

Confidential settlement

The amount of the Tracy Morgan settlement not disclosed. A filing in federal court in Newark on May 27 referred to a confidential settlement reached by the two sides. Sweat said a confidential settlement is very common, especially with a large settlement. He'd love to see Walmart say they paid out something like $100 million – or whatever the settlement was – and accepted responsibility. But Walmart and companies like it take the position that if they disclose the amount they offer, it makes them a target of lawsuits.

When Morgan appeared on the Today Show on June 1, 2015, he appeared in good spirits but was obviously suffered from a brain injury and he was walking with a cane. It didn't appear that he'll ever be 100% the person he was before the incident.

Sweat advised that when people are driving down the road, they can avoid a trucking accident by staying out of a trucker’s blind spot. Drivers must be aware that truckers don’t have rear view mirrors – they only have side view mirrors – and motorists should avoid tailgating a truck.

He has many blog posts regarding trucking accidents and the relevant state and federal trucking regulations. You can reach Steven Sweat at 310.433.2280.

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