Video: Recovering for Wrongful Death in a Murder Case

Wrongful Death

Thousands of people lose their lives due to violent crime every year, and now there is a way for the family members and loved ones to recover damages for their loss.

In today’s video we’re talking with Julia McGrath, an attorney in the litigation department of Dolman Law Group. The law firm is an award-winning personal injury and civil trial firm located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

According to McGrath, families come to the firm after losing a loved one to find out what their options are in the civil courts. Is there someone beside the actual attacker who could be responsible for the loss? Most cases are negligent security cases, where a hotel, bar or restaurant failed to protect a patron from the attack.

Evidence from the attacker's criminal trial can be used in the wrongful death claim. This include witness statements, surveillance videos, deposition transcripts, courtroom testimony, toxicology reports and the medical examiner's report.

Even if the attacker is found not guilty, the civil case can still proceed.

The recoveries depend on the facts, degree of liability, and which persons are entitled to collect - a spouse, a minor child or a parent of a minor child. Families can recover damages for loss of support, mental anguish and pain and suffering.

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