Victorias Secret Faces Product Liability Lawsuit

Product Liability

The ubiquitous lingerie maker Victoria’s Secret is facing a potential class action product liability lawsuit by women who claim that the company’s bras left them with itching, blisters, rashes, welts, and subsequent scarring. Three women have filed lawsuits, and more women around the country may be ready to join.

According to Roberta Ritter, the first woman to bring a lawsuit, the bras, which include the Secret Embrace and Very Sexy Me Extreme Push-Up lines, contain formaldehyde. Ritter claims the rashes she suffered were only in the breast area, and perfectly matched where the cup of the bra fit. This implies the bra was the culprit. Ritter’s suit prompted other women to come forward who also complained of inflammation and itching.

Formaldehyde is a chemical found in the creation of plywood and carpet as an adhesive, used as a resin in paper products like paper towels, facial tissue, and napkins, and is also used in the creation of paints and explosives. It has been classified as a probable carcinogen by environmental groups, and a human carcinogen by cancer research groups. Allergic reactions can occur at low exposure levels, and can cause watery eyes, skin irritation, and nasal and bronchial irritation.

Victoria’s Secret insists their products are manufactured with strict quality control standards and that they do not contain formaldehyde. Ritter’s lawyer contends that independent testing of the bras confirms the presence of formaldehyde. The class action lawsuits allege Victoria’s Secret knew or should have known about the dangers of using formaldehyde in their product, but used it anyway.

There are over 1000 Victoria’s Secret stores, and all sell the bras that are alleged to contain formaldehyde.