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Last week, The Boston Globe and USA Today published data on Veterans Affairs (VA) nursing home facilities obtained through internal documents. The information measures the quality of nursing homes in 133 VA nursing home facilities that serve more than 46,000 veterans. The documents reveal that most VA nursing homes have more residents suffering from serious pain and bedsores compared to private facilities.

The analysis shows large numbers of veterans suffered from potential neglect or medication mismanagement. In addition, it provides a full picture of the state of care that 46,000 veterans receive in the country’s 133 VA nursing homes.

In addition, the data shows that more than 100 VA nursing homes scored worse than private nursing home on the majority of key quality indicators. This includes the rates of infection and decline in the quality of life. In initial stories, both news outlets reported that 60 VA nursing homes received one out of five stars last year—the agency’s lowest quality ranking.

Four VA nursing home facilities in Massachusetts, Ohio, Alabama and Oregon gave antipsychotic drugs to its patients—nearly twice as much as in the private sector. The practice of administering antipsychotic drugs leads to early death in elderly patients with dementia. Additionally, the use of chemical restraints has been long banned by federal law.

“They should be assessing individuals and doing what they can to manage it,” said Robyn Grant, director of public policy and advocacy at the National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care. “And if it’s not working, they should be trying different things.”

The VA has long argued that its residents are much sicker than those in private care facilities. Additionally, the agency has kept these files since 2011. The 2011 report found that 80 percent of the agency’s nursing homes had issues with medication management.

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