Truck Accident Kills Two Children


A truck accident in Guadalupe County, Texas, killed a five-day old and a two-year-old child on Monday morning. A one-year-old and a 14-year-old were airlifted to the hospital. Two adults were in the vehicle, but were not injured.

Police say the truck accident occurred when the driver reached down for a cigarette and lost control of the 18-wheeler causing the rig to flip over at around 4:30 am. A short time later, a Chevrolet Impala crashed into the flipped rig. None of the children were strapped to safety seats.

Driver distraction is one of the many reasons truck accidents occur. However, exhaustion and stress of the driver are just as deadly. However, the trailer of semi trucks are long and, if they flip, they will block the road. Add the early morning hours when the sun isn’t quite up, and unsuspecting drivers of smaller passenger vehicles may become involved in a serious accident, as did the victims in Guadalupe County.

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