Strollers, Child Carriers Recalled Due to Personal Injury Risks


Two jogging-style strollers and one backpack-style child carrier have been recalled by Kelty because of safety risks to both children and adults.

Kelty has recalled 3,000 Speedster Swivel Deluxe and Swivel Deuce jogging strollers because the single front wheel of these defective products may come loose while in motion and cause the strollers to tip. Complaints regarding the single-child and double-child capacity strollers include scrapes and cuts to children and scrapes, cuts and fractured bones to adults.

The Kelty Speedster Swivel Deluxe and Swivel Deuce strollers feature aluminum frames with cloth seats and canopies. Both types of strollers were available in color combinations of orange/gray and blue/gray, and have “Kelty Kids” embroidered on the front of the strollers in the leg area. The stroller names and model numbers are printed on tags in the seat area.

The recalled Speedster Swivel Deluxe model numbers are:

  • 20090116
  • 20090116B
  • 20650411BLU
  • 20650411CU

The recalled Swivel Deuce model numbers are:

  • 20090216
  • 20650611

The strollers were widely available at national retail stores and online between January 2010 and February 2012. They were typically sold at prices of $375 and $475.

Kelty also recalled 26,000 K.I.D.S. backpack child carriers due to a risk of the seat height adjustment strap slipping out of the buckle, which could cause a child to slide down in the seat and possibly fall from the carrier.

The affected backpack carriers are blue and feature the “Kelty K.I.D.S.” logo on the backrests.

The model numbers are located on the side of each carrier. The recalled back carrier models are:

  • Country
  • Elite
  • Expedition
  • Explorer
  • Town
  • Trek

The backpack carriers were sold online and at retail stores including Eastern Mountain Sports, L.L. Bean and REI between March and December of 1999.

If you or your child suffered injury from one of these products, an experienced product liability attorney may be able to help you pursue financial compensation for your damages.

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