Power Line Electrocution Lawsuits

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Powerline Electrocution Lawsuits

By Zac Pingle, Staff Writer

Recently, a California family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against power company Southern California Edison (SCE) after Rory Nason (33) died of fatal electrocution from a fallen powerline.

Nason died just after midnight on February 26 earlier this year as he was searching a flaming car for wounded passengers. The wrongful death lawsuit states, “At the time, Mr. Nason was unaware that a powerline had been dislodged, or was in contact with the burning vehicle. In the darkness, Rory Nason grabbed the handle of the vehicle which was fully charged by the live high-voltage powerline and fell to the ground.”

Nason’s fiancee, Ashly Pingree, and surviving family are claiming that poor maintenance and negligent design of the powerlines played a key role in his death. The lawsuit was filed by Santa Ana law firm Aitken Aitken Cohn.

The South California Edison company stated, “SCE does not comment on the merits of pending litigation such as this, our hearts go out to the family of Mr. Nason, whose life was lost in a tragic incident following a significant vehicle versus utility pole collision.”

Previous Powerline Electrocution Cases

Wrongful death lawsuits that involve powerlines are among the highest awarding lawsuits in America. For example, one of the largest personal injury payouts in Pennsylvania history was that of the Goretzka v. West Penn Power Company, which resulted in a $109 million dollar verdict in favor of the plaintiff. In that case, the jury awarded $61 million in punitive damages against West Penn Power.

An Ohio case involving a teen who suffered a severe brain injury after coming into contact with a downed powerline recently settled for $60 Million. In another recent case SCE paid out civil damages as well as a settlement with the State of California for a case involving the electrocution of three family members in San Bernadino.

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