Potential Injuries at Mayfest

Personal Injury
festival injury
carnival injury
Comparative Negligence

Every year, Mayfest attracts thousands of families around the Dallas-Ft. Worth area with rides, live music, runs, zip lines and many more activities. This year, the festival was held from April 28th to May 1st.


These festivals can be a great time for people of all ages. With such a wide range of activities, there is pretty much something for everybody. There are also plenty of opportunities for injuries. Parents should be aware of these dangers in order to keep their children, and themselves, as safe as possible.


The Dangers of Carnival Rides

It might not surprise you to learn that those wild carnival rides at fairs and festivals might not be the safest choice for family fun. In Texas, carnival rides are required to be inspected for safety once every year. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean the rides are safe, and it’s not guaranteed that the ride has been inspected in the past year. A sticker will be posted on the carnival ride noting its most recent inspection. Unfortunately, even yearly inspections may be inadequate for assuring riders’ safety.

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