Police Sluggish in Stopping Sleeping Motorist


I feel we’ve been too serious here for a little while, so how’s about a lighter story for a change?

In Denver, a driver was videotaped as she slept in her car while driving on the highway at speeds up to 70 MPH. The woman had her head back as she went down the highway, swerving from lane to lane, nearly sideswiping the taper’s car. The tapers immediately contacted the police, who attempted to mount a response.

More than five minutes later, with no police in sight, the tapers called the police again.

Almost ten minutes later, the police were called again. By this time, the car has left one jurisdiction and entered a second one.

Fifteen minutes later, the police finally respond and pull over the sleepy/sleeping driver.

Half an hour after the first call, 30 miles, and a county later, the police finally responded. Fortunately, the driver avoided an automobile accident, more through the alertness of other drivers than anything.

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