Pit Bulls Attack Several People at Missouri Strip Mall

Dog Bite/Animal Bite/Attacks

Somewhere between the Kohl’s and the Fudruckers hamburger joint, which borders the Wal-Mart parking lot, two pit bulls on the loose began attacking people in a Columbia, Missouri strip mall. Police were quick to respond and shot one of the two dogs dead on the spot, but the other escaped back to its home at the Columbia Regency mobile home trailer park. Police arrested one of the owners of the dogs for assault and obstruction.

Authorities have confirmed that one person was bit by the dogs while trying to distract the dogs from a woman they were chasing through the parking lot. They believe others may have been attacked, but have not yet come forward.

Police are still looking for the second pit bull, but say the dog’s owner is aware it is wanted by the police. They are waiting for the owner to call them so animal control can come check it out.

Pit bulls are often used by owners guard animals because the breed is known for its alleged aggressive nature. What many owners do not consider is what might happen if these animals escape. Pit bulls are notorious for locking down when they bite. They are also widely known to have maimed and killed people across the country.

However, there are as many pit bulls out there that go their entire lives without attacking one person and treating their owners’ children well. So, the debate rages on: Is it the breed or the owner that’s bad?