Nursing Assistants Charged with Abuse


Two nineteen-year-old nursing assistants were charged yesterday with nursing home abuse and assault. The two, plus four younger girls, allegedly groped, spat on, and hit several patients at a Minnesota nursing home over the course of several months in early 2008. One of the four younger girls has already pleaded guilty.

A criminal complaint states that another teen nursing assistant told an administrator about the alleged abuse, and state investigators began follow-up interviews. They found that the nineteen-year-olds thought abusing their patients was “fun” and they would talk and laugh about it with others. Some of the others accused were witnesses to the abuse.

Relatives of the abused claim their loved ones were physically, mentally, and sexually abused. One of the two accused has admitted lying on the bed of another patient, hugging and kissing her, and telling her she loved her. Witnesses say the patient was also groped and her wig was played with to make the patient angry.

The two believed they would not be caught because the patients they were abusing suffered from Alzheimer’s disease as well as other forms of dementia. The complaint alleges that at least 15 patients were abused, and charges have been brought involving seven of the 15. The girls are expected to be charged with several counts of abuse.

If you believe your loved has had his or her rights violated while as a resident of a nursing home, contact an experienced nursing home abuse attorney today.