The Number One Thing You Should to Do Avoid Becoming a Medical Malpractice Victim

Medical Malpractice

New study results suggest that researching your doctor’s history of paid malpractice claims could help you avoid being harmed or killed by medical negligence. You probably know that you need to check into your doctor’s training, experience, and credentials, especially if you are undergoing surgery or another serious treatment. You may have done some research online, maybe read some reviews, and that kind of thing. But you may be overlooking the most important telling information in your doctor’s history.

1% of Physicians Responsible for 32% of Paid Malpractice Claims

A new study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that just one percent of physicians is responsible for 32% of paid medical malpractice claims, and those doctors had two or more paid claims against them. More frightening, 126 of the doctors in the study had more than five paid claims against them. It makes you wonder how they manage to keep their licenses.

It is not surprising that the study also found that as the number of paid claims a doctor had against them got higher, so did their likelihood of having subsequent paid claims against them.

What it Means to You

To protect yourself, you need to do some research and find out if your doctor has been successfully sued for medical malpractice. That isn’t easy because a doctor can be sued in one state, move to another and have a clean record in the new state. So you will want to start with your state, but you will need to find out if your doctor has practiced in other states and search for information there too.

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