New Research Suggests Different Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injuries


While many people think that heart disease, cancer, or other diseases might be the leading causes of death for people under 45, the fact is traumatic brain injury (TBI) kills and disables more than any of those. New research being performed at the University of California, Los Angeles suggests that past treatments for TBI is not the best way to help victims.

In the past, it was assumed that after being injured, the brain stays in a coma-like state, slowly recovering and using very little amounts of energy and nutrients. The Brain Injury Research Center (BIRC) at UCLA is now showing that the brain actually uses much more energy and needs much more nutrients than previously believed.

The idea behind the new brain injury research is that the brain actually changes the way it uses fuel and nutrients after being injured. If this is the case, the brain may need much more than just glucose in order to repair itself adequately. New traumatic brain injury treatments will look at putting different and more nutrients in IV bags for TBI patients.

Traumatic brain injuries are incredibly difficult injuries to recover from, and they can change a victim’s life forever. Not only can a TBI cause changes in emotions and thought processes, but it can also affect everything about a person’s personality.

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