Multiple Spinal Cord Injuries Occur In Missouri Over Fourth of July Weekend

Boating Accidents

During the holiday weekend of July 3 to July 5, at least three people suffered fairly serious back injuries at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. All three of the spinal cord injury victims were launched into the air after the boats they were riding in hit wakes.

Spinal cord injuries can be incredibly painful and they can result in lifelong impairment if they are not treated correctly. When spinal cord victims are injured, it’s important they contact an experienced personal injury lawyer to find out if they can get help paying for their medical bills from a personal injury lawsuit.

Boating accidents are very common during the summer months, and on holidays, hospitals see a peak in the number of boat accident victims that come through their doors. Lake Regional Hospital in Missouri treated all three of the boat accident victims when they were brought in for their back injuries.

Boating accidents can be caused by any number of things, including driver error, drunk driving, and hitting underwater objects. In this case, the boats the victims were riding in, hit the wakes produced by other boats. When this happened, the boats went airborne, ejecting the boat passengers, and injuring when they came back down in the boat.